Weddings and Events

Covid-19 Information:  We, at Sennebec Farm, are sensitive to the uncertainty surrounding Covid-19, and understand that your wedding plans could be on hold temporarily. Unless you are planning a very small ceremony, we, too, would not want to schedule weddings much sooner than those we have scheduled so far, all of which are in August of 2020. 

Looking ahead to the fall of 2020, and all of 2021 and beyond, however, we would encourage you to come and view your options: the rolling fields, our stone terrace, and, the sweet intimate barn with a birch framed bar. 

We believe you can get a wonderful sense of the venue, and feel some momentum moving forward by visiting and touring with us (with appropriate social distancing). 

We hope you have not had to down-size your wedding, but if you have decided to celebrate "simply", with a one day ceremony and a small group of family and friends, for any reason, contact us about a deep one day discount. You can mix and match various amenities at the farm to find your perfect price point.

So that you don't have to wait to make your decision for the best fit for your special day, we are available on an ongoing basis to meet and show you the venue and answer questions. Also, we are available to answer questions on a phone call, through a text, or in an email. Happy to connect and fill in any missing details.

It is best to peruse the photos on-line for the farmhouse rooms, as we will not be touring inside, yet. When you call to make an appointment, we can let you know if we are opening those rooms. 

Thanks for your visit to our website and good luck with your planning! 

We wish you the very best while you sort out the timing for your memorable celebration. Keep dreaming and we hope you will include us at Sennebec Farm!

Our venue:

Sennebec Farm is 90 acres of rolling hay fields, woodland trails, and babbling brooks. The landscape is dotted with heirloom equipment that harkens back to its roots as a working farm.

Nestled among the rolling hills is the 170 year old newly renovated Farmhouse (sleeps 8), the weathered and rustic barn (perfect for smaller events or cocktail parties), the Terrace – a stone-landscaped veranda perched at the highest point overlooking the entire property – and plenty of lawn space for a tent (up to 400).

Sennebec Farm offers a "leave no trace" event space, allowing you almost limitless possibilities to transform the grounds and buildings into your dream  experience. 

Contact us to learn more about how Sennebec can turn your event – from weddings and family reunions to birthdays and retreats – into a one-of-a-kind adventure.


The perfect guests.

The perfect forever after.

The perfect guests.


The perfect spot.

The perfect forever after.

The perfect guests.


The perfect forever after.

The perfect forever after.

The perfect forever after.